Radio Electra - 2023

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Camp Power


Radio Electra runs a power grid for our camp. We also from time to time supply power to neighboring camps. This is on a case by case basis and only if we have extra power. Power is not free for our camp members or other camps we allow to connect to our grid.

Any Radio Electra camp member may request to be placed on this grid. However power is not unlimited, it is 20 amps of power at 120 volts. Or 2400 watts "per connection". In other words, each connection requires a fee. The power you need, will determine what your cost will be. We have a breakdown of costs included below.

This power grid costs the camp about $2000.00 per year. Its success depends on people paying for the power. It also requires that you actually ride the grid if you need power. If you camp in the Radio Electra Camp you MUST NOT use your own generator. Portable generators and RV generator usage is not allowed in the Radio Electra camp as long the diesel generator is available and operational. The exception is if the Diesel goes down and cant be brought up in a short period of time.

We do not want to deal with the noise and fumes and fuel storage issues for several small generators operating in our camp. If you have your own generator you may bring for EMERGENCY USE only.

These prices are the same regardless of which days you arrive or leave. There is no sliding scale based on days of actually being on playa. If you have to leave early there are NO REFUNDS for unused power. We have to pay for all this in advance of arriving, so there is no way for me to get money back for power you don't use.

The fee from RVs is $150.00 for 20 amps/one connection, 24 hours a day for the entire event. If you require more power than one 20 amp connection, the price goes up accordingly. Below is a break down for those not in and RV needing a full 20 amp connection.

Tents with A/C and a few lights and a small microwave oven, $75.00. Note, This rate is for the small window type A/C units only. If you are also using a larger unit or other high demand items in your tent like a hot plate, large microwave ovens or lots of lights or art you need to contact me about paying a higher rate.

Tents that want power for fans lights etc, but no A/C or other high demand items, $50.00.

Battery powered art cars based on golf cart chassis pull as much power as an RV to charge the batteries. If you need to charge an art car, email me so we can work out a plan.

If you have large art you need to power also contact me off list at the email address below so we can figure out how much we can give you versus what you might need to run it.

Donations can be done by credit card or Paypal. Paypal is the preferred method.

The Paypal account is electrafm(at)outlook(dot)com

If you don't have a PayPal account you may also use a credit card at this link.