Radio Electra - 2023

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Radio-Electra FM -Equipment Wanted & For Sale

Equipment Wanted List

Donations of money to buy equipment or the actual equipment lovingly accepted. This list is compiled at the request of people who are always asking me what the station needs. Note that none of this equipment is particularly cheap or low cost. We've found that buying good stuff is money saved in the long run. Cheap gear has to be replaced every year, good stuff lasts year after year.

Two/Four position antenna switch N connectors or UHF:

Aphex 722 Dominator:

AKG C1000 mic:

Comet FM antenna:

Sennheiser, 590 0r 595 or AKG K271 headphones:

Deoxit Fader lube and contact cleaner.  To clean those scratchy pots and faders on the boards and dusty electrical connections.

One or more of each type. The only stuff that really works. 

Panavise mount for WIFI antenna:

Two Monitor Stands:

Working pair of vintage Texar Audio Prisms and possibly Texar's Orban card.


Equipment For Sale


Email: electrafm(at)outlook(dot)com for details.