Radio Electra - 2023

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Electra FM, Mobile Radio Station for hire


Electra FM is now offering to operate our Part 15 mobile broadcast facility at large events and festivals. We have provided low power radio broadcasting at the Burning Man event since 2000. We have the ability and experience to broadcast live 24 hours a day or just a few hours a day in any type of event, even in remote areas with hostile weather conditions.

Typically our programming would include your Public Service Announcements about the event, event rules and guidelines, weather and Emergency announcements to the attendees. This would be mixed with recorded music we have on hand or perhaps selections you want played. These rates do not include DJ’s. It covers the station being brought to the event and put on the air with the station owner/ manager and possibly one other person operating it. The station owner/ manager can from time to time, depending on the need, offer DJ services at no extra charge. We also offer pre screened event attendees to DJ while we are on the air. They are volunteers only and are not paid.

We also can offer professional DJs at extra cost. However they are somewhat expensive. We do not run advertising spots or commercials unless the event producers specifically approve and request it and it is a commercial for profit event. Commercials for products and services can be provided by the company buying the time slots or we can have them professionally produced for you in advance. Contact us for specific rates. Note that allowing us to sell on air add space at commercial events allows us to actually make this profitable and keep it up and running and allows us make upgrades for the future.

Prices vary depending on location, length of time, the event’s needs, availability of dependable power and type of venue. Station operation starts at $200.00 per day. This price is figured for a 24 hour day with no extra DJ’s provided by us. This includes some live DJ time as well as automated play lists. This is above and beyond travel and power expenses. Payment for our broadcast services should also include two free passes to your event. A reduction in the daily rate is available if hot meals and hot showers are provided for us at no charge while we are at the event.

Due to recent wild price fluctuations, an additional fuel surcharge may be required depending on the market price for gasoline in your area and along the route to your event. Generally we ask for .38 cents a mile up front, ONE WAY only, (we pay for the return trip) from Tucson Arizona. Our mileage limit is generally 700 miles one way from Tucson AZ.. On top of that we may ask for expenses to run our generator if you have no 30 amp 120 volt power within 100 feet of the station location inside your event. This is $1.50 per hour extra. Set up time after arrival is typically no more 3 hours from our arrival to actually going on the air. Generator time is calculated on a 24 hour day and includes those 3 hours.

Travel and power payment is required one week in advance of us leaving for your event. Payment for services is expected in CASH upon our arrival at your event. If no payment is made in cash within 3 hours of our arrival we reserve the right to leave the event immediately without providing any broadcast service. In that case, NO REFUND will be made to you from our advanced travel expenses. Any down time for technical problems on our part will be refunded on a per hour rate, in CASH before leaving the event. All payments must be made in Advance, before we go on the air.

We will cheerfully refund ALL prepaid travel pay if for any reason we can’t get to the event. However if your event is cancelled for any reason before it starts, and before we leave Tucson, we reserve the right to keep 25 percent of the advanced travel pay. If your event is shut down by the authorities (for any reason) after we arrive, we reserve the right to keep 100 percent of the travel payment as well as 100 percent of any other payments you made to us.

All prices are negotiable depending on your specific needs, venue, location, price of fuel etc. PLEASE NOTE, Due to the sometimes violent and confrontational nature of outlaw biker clubs and their events, we respectfully decline to offer our services at those. Burner type events and “Regional Burns” based on the ethos of that culture qualify for substantial discounts. We’d love to do it for free, but we simply can’t!

If you are still interested and want more specifics on prices and other details contact: electrafm(at)outlook(dot)com